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About Haiwaiian Nails

After a stressful and exhausting working day, you deserve to be pampered with our best therapies, take your stressful workouts and enjoy our happy time with us!

  • We have the best therapies

  • Many customers are satisfied with our service

  • Highly qualified staff

We infuse all of our services with natural beauty care and high quality products. All instruments are disinfected and sanitized prior to each use according.

Treat your hands and feet with a multi-step pampering ritual that’s sure to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed! Each treatment includes cleansing, shaping, cuticle care, massage, and buff or polish

Include cleaning, shaping the nails, buffing the heels and moisturize with light lotion massage.

Enjoy our quick and painless waxing to reveal smooth hair free skin.
We offer Synthetic sets of Eyelash Extensions by intricately applying a single lash extension to each of your individual natural lashes, one at a time.
Facials provide anti-aging benefits and are a great way to bring out the natural, beautiful glow of your skin!

Choose a day to enjoy the relaxation, work left to let us we will service you as a king


Professtion Nail Care For Every Life Style!